Chicago Department of Aviation

Lower Level Utilities and Pavement Repairs



Beginning March 30, 2021, the Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) advises of upcoming construction of the Lower Level Utility and Pavement Replacement (LLUPR) Project on the Lower Level Roadway at O’Hare International Airport, which will impact traffic in the arrivals lanes near Terminals 1, 2 and 3.

Half of the curbside in front of each terminal of the lower level arrivals lane pick-up areas will be closed for construction, along with some of the crosswalks adjacent to the closed areas. The ramp to the recirculation road from the lower level arrivals lane at the terminals will also be closed, with an alternate route in place.

Additionally, the commercial lane will be closed, and lane changes will be utilized at the end of Terminal 3, with an alternate route in effect.

utility tunnels

The closures and traffic shifts will be in place to facilitate the Terminal Area Fire Main / LLUPR project, which will include the installation of a new water main, additional fire hydrants and a new electrical duct bank system as part of the larger O’Hare 21 capital improvement program. Under the LLUPR project, there will also be reconstruction of the lower level roadway’s sidewalks, enhancements to pedestrian crosswalks and handrails, and concrete pavement replacements in the inner arrivals lane.

The work will be done in phases in order to maintain pedestrian connections between the terminal facilities and the elevated parking structure, along with ongoing access to the roadway for passenger arrivals in taxis, commercial vehicles and private vehicles.

Phased road closures and traffic impacts will change as the project continues, with work expected to be completed in 2022.

Passengers arriving at Terminals 1, 2, or 3 are advised to seek other transport modes. They are also encouraged to ask friends and family to use short-term parking for passenger pick-up, which is available for $3.00 up to 60 minutes, to avoid delays associated with potential traffic congestion on the arrivals roadway.